We R-Rooted

To be rooted in Christ means that you are a disciple. You live your life looking to Jesus for inspiration, direction and truth. When you don’t know what to do or which road to take, you ask yourself what Jesus would do in that situation. When you have faith, you follow the path of Jesus even when you don’t fully understand it. You love people where they are at, but you believe the Bible is correct and know the only way to the Father is through the Son. Being rooted in Christ means that He is the cornerstone of your faith. It allows you know Him better because it goes from your head to your heart as you have honestly experienced Jesus with real heart felt passion. Being rooted also makes you mighty. It gives you the power to say no to sin and the ability to do the right thing. The Holy Spirit will empower you and make you feel invincible. When Jesus is at the center of your life, you can refocus if you slip up. Life can knock you down, but you will be able to rise above it. Knowing that Jesus is always there to love, protect and heal you will change everything. It takes time to know Christ’s love. It doesn’t happen over night. Being rooted everyday allows you to see how deep and wide His love for you is as you commit to growing in Him over time. Once you have experienced that love, you can then begin to extend that love to others. Some ways to develop your relationship with Christ include studying the Bible, opening up to Him through prayer, worshiping Him, being thankful and attending church. You need other Christians to walk through life with. Make God a priority and let Him transform your life.