Make 2018 Better – Wisdom

Who are we today as a result of the decisions we made yesterday? We make our decisions and our decisions make us. King Solomon shows us how to make good choices that honor God. He could have asked God for anything but in 2 Chron. 1:10 he asks simply for wisdom and knowledge so he could lead God’s people. Wisdom is what gives us insight when making choices in our lives, but how do you get it?

Make 2018 Better – Better One Handful

Ecclesiastes 4:6 says, “Better one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind.” Instead of working ourselves so hard to chase after more stuff, we should look at the blessings we already have and use our free time for the things that matter most to us like family and a relationship with God. We may need to cut back on spending or our schedules or throw out clutter and turn off the TV, but when we do, we will have time for the simple, but important, things in life. We need to let go of what doesn’t matter to us and fight for what does.

Make 2018 Better – Better Is One Day

Who doesn’t want to make 2018 better? The question is, though, what is better? Do you want to be better financially, relationally, physically, or spiritually? Pursuing a “good” life is pursuing comfort, enjoyment, and material things. Pursuing a “better” life is pursuing a presence with God. Better is one day in God’s court than a thousand days elsewhere. Life with Christ offers us forgiveness, hope, joy, power, purpose, and provision. It doesn’t mean that you will never have any problems but when you do come to storms you will have peace knowing that He is there with you to help you and guide you.

Christmas – Words are Powerful

Words are instrumental in the expression of our thoughts and feelings. Words of love, hatred, anger, happiness, or jealousy can leave a deep impact on our life. Words of encouragement can help change someone’s destiny. Words are powerful, they can save or destroy, they can change a life, and inspire. They can be venomous or mend a broken sole. As role models, anything we say can be taken as truth from those who look up to us. We have the responsibility to chose the right words to build people up and not tear them down. Words of encouragement can unleash a winner, words of motivation strengthens a fighter, and words of love magnify life.

Christmas Full of Hope – Theophilus

Have you ever wondered if the Christmas story was true or not? Luke had a friend named Theophilus who struggled to believe the story of Jesus’ birth. Luke chapter 1 is a letter written to him. Luke researched and wrote a step by step account of what happened and sent it to his friend. Reading this letter you discover the true meaning of Christmas, without all the traditions that religion has added since.

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