Make 2018 Better – Without Comparison

In life we are taught to take a standard of how we are doing. As kids your parents probably helped you know how well you were doing or not. They would say things like “Good job at school” or “You need to stop that.” Good or bad, parents can invest in their kids, but what happens when we become adults? How do we gage how we are doing? We often look for a standard in the people around us and make our assessment about ourselves based on how others are doing. We fall into a comparison trap. If they are successful we feel awful about ourselves and when they are not, we feel better based on their failures. We begin to play the “er” game… richer, skinnier, taller, prettier, happier, etc. There is no win to this game, there is always someone more “er” then you. Life is never better with comparison. We need to refocus and run our own race. God has given everyone their own unique gifts and it is our job to take what God has entrusted us with, good and bad, and run a race that honors God.