Lexi Webber

Lexi Webber, Office Manager, FBC Hallowell.Lexi Webber grew up living in many places. She lived in Florida the first 8 years for her life before moving to Maine where she lived in Portland, and finally spent the rest of her childhood living in Windham. She now lives in West Gardiner with her family, where she is a Stay-At-Home Mom.

Lexi is married to Steven Webber and has three wonderful boys, Benjamin, Dominic, and Jordan. Lexi and Steven have been married since 2010. Steven was in the Marine Corps for 12 years and recently switch careers to the Maine State Rep for Universal Technical Institute. Steven also preaches at FBC Hallowell on occasion.

The Webber family has been attending FBC Hallowell since 2014. They love everything about it and cannot imagine being anywhere else. FBC is their home and they are proud to be part of the family.